Bride in the field of flowers.

August Wedding in Bucks County, Pennsylvania


Nikki and Don

August Wedding at Holly Hedge Estate, Bucks County, Pennsylvania

Nikki was a “hands on” type of bride. She was a D.I.Y. Bride. So much of the decorating she had done herself and with the help of friends. She loves the rustic look and found many of her decorating items in vintage shops and at garage sales.The day of the wedding she made sure her hair and makeup were done early, and there she was,  in the old barn decorating!  She loved gathering flowers, spelling out L-O-V-E in the field which was filled with Queen Anne’s Lace and she wanted cute photos with her ring bearer and flower girl using cool old frames. Max the ring bearer was pretty excited for his part in the ceremony, but when it came time to walk with the rings he started to get a little shy. Nikki is very close to her dad and both were quite emotional during the father-daughter dance. She was a beautiful bride, and many of her handmade wedding decorations and vintage items she planned to use in her and Don’s home after they were married!


Wedding Day Details

Nikki made cute decorations for her ring-bearer Max to carry, and also a thank you card!

Bride Nikki decorates

Nikki is cutting flowers and decorating the Holly Hedge Barn with her hair and make-up done; all she has to do is put on the wedding dress!


Nikki makes a beautiful bride for her portrait by the antique gates on the Holly Hedge Courtyard.

Field of Love

Nikki and Don spell L-O-V-E in the field filled with Queen Anne’s Lace.

Brides and grooms in fields

Nikki and Don pose in the field of Queen Anne’s Lace at Holly Hedge. So many brides love to take their wedding photos in fields!

Bride in the field of flowers.

Nikki picks some of the Queen Anne’s Lace, holding her bridal bouquet.

ringbearer-flower girl-frame

Nikki and Don pose for a fun portrait using a large frame the ringbearer and flower girl hold.

bride and groom: posing with a frame

Nikki and Don kiss as their ring bearer and flower girl react. So cute!

Max the shy ring bearer

Max suddenly becomes shy as he enters the Holly Hedge Courtyard for the wedding ceremony.


Nikki’s grandfather seems to have no idea that he’s getting the thumbs up behind him!

Nikki and her dad

Nikki’s dad also starts to cry during their emotional father-daughter dance.

Nikki and her dad

Nikki starts to cry while dancing with her dad. It was a very emotional father daughter dance.