Fireworks at Holly Hedge Estate

Wedding in New Hope, Pennsylvania

Kaitlyn and Vincent

Kaitlyn rented a summer apartment on Long Beach Island in the summer of 2014. It just happened to be above Vinnie’s tattoo shop. It was July 5 and the fireworks had been cancelled the night before, but were on for that night. All of Kaitlyn’s friends had to go back to work, which meant she was home alone to watch them. So she invited Vinnie up to her deck to watch them with her. They spent the night talking and learning everything they could about each other, and their first date followed a few days later.

Vinnie proposed the following Dec. 31, 2015  in Philadelphia. During fireworks, of course.


wedding rings in sunlight and shadow

The wedding rings photographed on Kaitlyn and Vinnie’s engraved ringbox.

wedding dress hangs from barn window

Kaitlyn’s wedding dress hangs in the stone barn at Holly Hedge Estate in New Hope, PA

wedding day pearls

Kaitlyn choose to wear classic pearls on her wedding day.

bride reaches for her wedding dress

Kaitlyn, wearing her white robe with “Bride” inscribled on the back, is about to take down her gown and get dress for her wedding day.

flower girl watches makeup application

Thr flower girl, wearing her crown of flowers, is very interested in the bridesmaids getting their makeup done.

bride starts to get dressed

Kaitlyn gets ready to put on her wedding gown.

High key photograph of bride in front of window.

I love the light and airy feel to this image of the bride, done by exposing for the shadows in turn overexposes the highlights.

bride laughs, she's so happy

Kaitlyn joyfully laughs while I was photographing her; such a happy day!

Beautiful bridal portrait

Kaitlyn is such a beautiful bride!

bride full length in front of window

I love the light in this bridal portrait; the large barn window is simply amazing.

back of bridal gown

Kaitlyn looks out the large window in the stone barn, which also showcases the back of her dress.

bride in barn doorway

The bride standing in the doorway of the old barn, Holly Hedge Estate.

lovely black and white photo of bride and groom

What a sweet moment with the two just before they were married.

a sweet moment with the bride and groom


Love in the ferns

Kaitlyn and Vinnie embrace in a super cool fern garden.

A bridal kiss in the ferns

Kaitlyn and Vinnie share a kiss in the fern garden.g

bride and groom kiss

Vinnie kisses his bride Kaitlyn. How gorgeous are her flowers?ggggg

bride by the garden gate

What a great garden gate that leads into the fern garden at Holly Hedge.

gorgeous full length of the bride in the field

What a beautiful, natural, full length portrait of Kaitlyn on her wedding day!

My favorite photo; the bride and groom in the tall grasses.

Perhaps my favorite photograph, they embrace and kiss in the long grasses. I love how gentle this photo feels. ggg

bride and groom kiss

I can just feel the love these two share!g

bridal party on the balony

The bridal party on the balcony. The bridesmaids wore a soft pale aqua, the groomsmen wore aqua ties.

the ceremony arbor

Looking thru the wedding arbor to the fountain flowers on the Holly Hedge Courtyard.

flowers adorn the arbor

The beautiful flowers on top of their wedding arbor.g

ringbearer and fun sign

The bride and groom definitely have a sense of humor!

flower girls petals

Everyone enjoyed the appearance of the flower girl spreading her petals.

The rose petals!g

ceremony site

This is what the ceremony looked like out on the Holly Hedge Courtyard. ggg

saying vows

Kaitlyn listens while Vinnie says his vows.

wedding vows

Vinnie smiles while his bride says her gvows.

fun first dance

The couple dances amid sparklers and shadows, thier bridal party watching.g

wedding cupcakes

Cupcakes have become popular for weddings, and these look so yummy!

wedding cupcakes

wedding cupcakes

cupcake containers

cute little personalized cupcake containers for the wedding guests.

father daughter dance

Kaitlyn and her dad, enjoying the moments of the father-daughter dance.

father daughter dance

Kaitlyn and her dad; their special dance.


Party Time

reception dancing

Time to have fun!


A long exposure picks up the path of the sparklers. It’s rather heart-like, wouldn’t you say?

nighttime lights

The courtyard has pretty little lights which cast a warm glow on the couple at the end of the night.


Venue;  Holly Hedge Estate;       

Cupcakes:  Holly Hedge Estate; 

Hair/Makeup; Daneene Jensen & Assoc;

Florist; The Pod Shop                   

Music; Untouchable Entertainment;