Summer Wedding at Holly Hedge Estate

Holly Hedge Estate, New Hope, Pennsylvania

Jade and Ed

Jade and Ed wanted to work together in planning their wedding. As it turns out, Jade said that Ed actually did almost all of the planning! They had a small, intimate ceremony; Jade calls it their dream wedding, and they both consider it the most perfect day they could ever have imaged. Jade’s Mom Lisa made her bouquets, and her Aunt Patrice made the centerpieces. Her Maid of Honor Jen was one of Ed’s best friends. Jade was a little nervous for her “first look” with Ed, and she wanted to surprise him by coming in through the antique gates on the Holly Hedge courtyard. After their first look, Jade and Ed didn’t let a humid summer day slow them down from enjoying every inch of the beautiful grounds Holly Hedge Estate has to offer. Here are a few of my favorite shots.


bride's wedding dress reflected

Jade’s wedding dress is reflected as it hangs in the old stone barn at Holly Hedge Estate.

bouquets and perfume

Jades’s wedding bouquets and her favorite perfume.

bridal portrait

Jade by the window light.

bride in window light holding veil

I love the play of light on Jade’s veil.

Happy bride holding veil by window

Full length of bride by the window

Jade look out of the barn window, standing in the sunlight.

groom getting ready

Ed getting ready; tying the tie.

black and white of groom getting dressed

Ed gets dressed in the Honeymoon Suite at Holly Hedge Estate.

groom in doorway

Ed is ready to see his bride. Time for the first look!

the first look; bride walks to groom

Jade can be seen watching her groom behind the courtyard gates, ready for her “first look”.

groom turns to see his bride

Jade gently taps Ed shoulder, letting him know she is there.

He is amazed how his bride looks

Ed is amazed at how beautiful his bride looks, and takes her hand.

bride and groom embrace

Snuggling while framed by the willow tree branches; what a happy couple!

bride and groom

I love the softness and framing this willow tree gives them.

bride and groom walk away

Groom and his bride, walking away, together. So many brides love using the field for photos. I do too!

bride and groom embrace in the field

Another favorite photo; Ed and Jade in the field at Holly Hedge Estate.

bride and groom in field

kissing in the field

Jade and Ed walking in the field at Holly Hedge.

bride embraces groom

How content does this bride look? Totally!

bride embraces groom

How happy does this bride look? Very.

fountain kiss

Bride and groom kiss by the Holly Hedge fountain.

ceremony chalkboard

Ceremony time!

bride walks with dad

Jade enters the old barn with her dad for the start of her wedding.

Groom loves seeing his bride walk down the aisle.

The moment when Ed first sees his bride walk towards him for their ceremony. Ed also got a little nervous, but also thought how beautiful she looks.

bride processional

Jade is a bit nervous walking down the aisle, but she did fine. Her dad looks so happy!

wedding vows; bride

Jade repeating her wedding vows to Ed.

wedding vows; groom

Ed saying his wedding vows to Jade.

wedding ceremony

Toasting each other with their ceremonial wine.

bride and groom married


Reception details

The foyer set with photos of family and friends. And placecards!

first dance

The bride and groom’s first dance.

Bride dances with dad

Jade dances with her dad during their father daughter dance.

Bride hugs her dad

And she hugs her dad so tightly!

Proud and happy father

Jade’s dad was so happy and proud of her and it shows!

silhouette on the Holly Hedge courtyard

The Holly Hedge Courtyard is so fantastic for night photos.

Music; Synergetic Sounds